The Chase star Anne Hegerty slams 'sad f***er' over homophobic tweet

Anne Hegerty brutally shuts down homophobic tweet after having drag queen on The Chase.
Anne Hegerty on The Chase Photo credit: ITV

Anne Hegerty of The Chase has shut down a 'sad f**ker' who complained about the show's inclusion of an LGBT community member.

On Twitter, the upset viewer said they were "disgusted" at seeing a young man dressed in women's clothing on the show, adding that network ITV was "mischievous and highly irresponsible" for broadcasting it.

Hegerty replied to the Twitter user saying, "Oh, don't be such a sad f**ker."

The Chase star Anne Hegerty slams 'sad f***er' over homophobic tweet.
Photo credit: Twitter

Openly gay The Chase co-star Paul Sinha also responded to backlash over the drag queen's inclusion.

The cross-dresser was 24-year-old Daniel, from the UK county of Cheshire, who Pink News says "served genderfluid realness".

"I work in events as my boring day job, and I'm also a fabulous drag queen," he said on The Chase.

When asked how he'd spend the prize money if he won, Daniel said: "Having boy clothes and girl clothes is expensive. I would love to buy some lingerie and treat myself."

ITV show The Chase slammed for allowing drag queen Daniel from Cheshire on the show.
Daniel from Cheshire Photo credit: ITV

Another The Chase star, Mark 'The Beast' Labbett, also responded to the homophobic tweet, agreeing with Hegerty that its sender was a "sad f**ker".


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