The girl who played drums for The Killers in Auckland reveals how

  • 23/04/2018

A Kiwi fan didn't miss a beat when she was pulled from the crowd at The Killers on Friday to play the drums with the band.

In the rock and roll experience of a lifetime, Amy Boden says she was in shock for the rest of the gig after she joined the band for 2006 hit 'For Reasons Unknown', playing the drums in front of the 12,000-strong crowd.

"This is actually happening like omg, I'm actually about to play the drums with The Killers, my favourite band - I was up there freaking out a bit."

She says she held up a Subway wrapper with the word 'Drums?' on it - something she had put together while she lined up for the concert. 

"They didnt know, [she could play the song] just had to trust, I had a few of my friends and my mum screaming saying yeah she can play."

After being invited on stage, lead singer Brandon Flowers checked she knew all the transitions, while drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr gave up his seat for Ms Boden for the drumming gig - which she nailed.

After the song finished, she shared a hug with Flowers and Vannucci Jr - who bowed down to her.

And she kept a souvenir of the experience for herself - the drumsticks she played with.

Check out the video above for the full story of Amy's experience.