The time Dynamo convinced me magic is real

I'm by no means a die hard Dynamo fan girl, but that sceptic in me is yet to kick in because I 100 percent believe his magic is real - especially after experiencing it firsthand. 

Steven Frayne aka Dynamo was in Christchurch on Friday ahead of his upcoming shows in New Zealand in July.

While he was here Newshub caught up with him.   

I wrote my name on a card, folded it up, bit down on it and held it in my mouth. 

He did the same to a card of his own, took my hands, leaned in and somehow magically we ended up with each other's cards.

His magic was so good it left me shaking. 

I remember watching his show 'Dynamo: Magician Impossible' and thinking what he does is absolutely incredible - you could tell simply through people's reactions.  

Now I understand why people's jaws would drop when they see him literally work his magic.

It's not just the power of television, I can tell you now, because I am now one of those people whose jaws dropped on Friday.

Check out the video above to see for yourself.


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