Berlin-based singer Noah Slee scoops two Pacific Music Awards

Noah Slee has taken out Best Pacific Urban Artist, and Best Pacific Male Artist at the Pacific Music Awards on Thursday.

The New Zealand-born singer is based in Berlin, but made a special trip back for the big night.

He says he was blown away when he found out he'd been nominated for four awards.

"It was super late at night and I was just like woah! My neighbours were probably like, 'is this guy alright?'"

Slee's debut album Otherland is a fusion of RnB, Soul, and hip-hop, and was a year in the making.

The 17-track album is made up of 12 songs, linked together with five interludes.

"Otherland to me speaks of moving into a new place, new territory... being comfortable coming into my own, being comfortable in my skin, and a lot of it just makes people dance," he says.

In a nod to his heritage, the music video for Slee's single 'Radar' was filmed in Tonga and parts of west Auckland, where he grew up.

But living in Berlin for four years has also influenced his music.

"I think the energy of Berlin is super inspiring to me, all the different people from different walks of life," he says.

Slee says being recognised at the Pacific Music Awards is a career highlight.

"There's something about getting that recognition from home that's satisfying you know. It's kind of like full circle in a sense."

Slee is heading back to his new home in Europe shortly, but will be taking the two new accolades with him.