Chris Hemsworth dancing to Miley Cyrus with his kids and dog is everything

Chris Hemsworth has melted the internet's collective heart with a video of his stirring rendition of Miley Cyrus' hit 'Wrecking Ball'.

The Thor star showed off his acting skills with an intense lip-sync to the ballad, with his three kids and dog acting as back-up dancers.

However, as Chris attempted to take his moves to the floor for dramatic effect, his dog intervened and eventually derailed the performance.

Posting the video to his social media accounts, Chris wrote: "What started as a groundbreaking music video ended in a savage attack by a cowardly K9.

"Never work with Kids or Animals."

Despite the majesty of the clip, we can't help but recall that Miley reportedly wrote 'Wrecking Ball' following her break up to Chris' brother Liam Hemsworth, which could be mildly awkward.

Not to worry though, Liam and Miley are back together - and engaged again - and Chris is clearly very supportive of his future sister-in-law.

Speaking of support, fans have taken to social media in droves to respond to the cinematic God of Thunder's foray into pop music.

"Now everyone knows how to distract Thor during a battle. Just play Miley's Wrecking Ball," wrote one Twitter user.

Others fawned over Chris' other big role - as dad to his three children. 

"This is like my #1 goal in life. To be filming my silly husband dancing with our kiddos. My heart is melting I [got to go]," read an Instagram comment.

Another fan apparently found the whole thing too adorable to cope with and simply stated: "I'm dead".