Dancing With The Stars NZ: Naz voted off

Naz Khanjani has been voted off Dancing with the Stars NZ after an "emotional week" that left her in tears after her performance on Monday night.

She said she feels "so blessed and so thankful" to have had the opportunity to be on the show.

The ex-Bachelorette had to dance with fill-in partner Shaye, after her partner Tim succumbed to a knee injury on the weekend.

"Nobody wants to see somebody they care for in pain," Naz said after her cha-cha dance on Monday night. "It's been a really emotional week.

"I tried to dance my heart out tonight not just for the public, but for Tim - he's not well."

Tim failed to appear in Monday night's episode after getting injured working on a move they'd "practised a million times", where Naz falls backwards onto Tim.

But she told Newshub he wasn't in the correct position, and when she fell back they "both fell down together".

After the incident, Tim was forced to pull out of the dance and was replaced by Shae, who was voted out last week.

It's not clear when Tim will recover from his injuries to re-enter the competition.

Judge's scores:

A respectable 20 for the heartbroken Naz.

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 20

Judge's feedback:

Camilla thinks Naz did Tim proud with her fabulous attitude and is full of sympathy for her predicament.

Julz is also admiring of how Naz handled the situation. He says it was a safe routine but he understands why.

Rachel acknowledges Naz's improvement in her footwork and talks about crying because she doesn't have a high arch. She loves Naz's dedication and "heroic attributes".

The next episode of Dancing With The Stars NZ will air 7pm, Sunday on Three. Previous episodes are viewable on ThreeNow.