Dancing With The Stars NZ: Naz may dance alone after partner Tim injures knee at practice

Naz and Tim in hospital on Saturday morning.
Naz and Tim in hospital on Saturday morning. Photo credit: Supplied / Naz Khanjani

It's been an emotional Saturday for Three's Dancing With The Stars NZ contestant Naz Khanjani, who is at hospital with her injured dance partner only a day ahead of this week's competition.

The ex-bachelorette's partner Tim can't even walk on his knee after an accident at practice on Saturday morning, she told Newshub - leaving her afraid she may have to dance alone on Sunday night.

"When you look at him his face is just so pale," Naz says. "He can't stop shaking. He's in so much pain. It's been bad… I was not expecting this to happen."

The pair were working on a move they'd "practised a million times" where Naz falls backwards onto Tim. But she told Newshub he wasn't in the correct position, and when she fell back they "both fell down together".

"He's been dancing for 20 years, and ballroom, there's a lot of knee movement and his left knee isn't 100 percent."

Naz and Tim waiting in hospital.
Naz and Tim waiting in hospital. Photo credit: Supplied / Naz Khanjani

Tim, who Naz says is as stubborn as herself, insists he'll push forward - but Naz fears that may not be possible.

"I told him I would dance on my own if I have to… I'll do whatever I need to for the show. Even if it means dancing on my own or dancing with another partner for the week.

"Whatever challenge comes my way, I will do it. My life is full of drama."

The extent of his injuries - or his ability to continue in the competition - is not yet clear.

Naz says the pair have had overwhelming support, with a doctor on site rushing to Tim's aid straight away.

"You get so comfortable with your dance partner. I got pretty emotional because I care for him a lot and you don't like to see the ones you care for in pain. He's the boy version of me. He's like my best friend.

"But the whole production team and crew have been so supportive. Other professional dancers and other dancers have been popping in all morning. We're like a big family."

She's adamant she doesn't want any sympathy votes this week - hoping the judges will be impressed with her performance.

"I want to be judged on my technique."

The next episode of Dancing With The Stars NZ will air 7pm, Sunday on Three. Previous episodes are viewable on ThreeNow.