DWTS: David Seymour reckons he can win

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) contestant and politician David Seymour reckons he and dancing partner Amelia will win the show.

The proclamation is nothing if not doggedly determined - on Monday night Seymour's jive to 'My Sharona' received the lowest score of all the contestants so far.

"Amelia and I will win. We just have a longer journey to getting there," Mr Seymour said on Tuesday afternoon.

That's after Newshub's resident DWTS reviewer Sarah Templeton wrapped up his performance with the damning phrase: "He tried bloody hard".

Seymour, though, is confident he can pull off a comeback.

'It's a little bit early for the twinkle toes title, but one thing we achieved is cementing the underdog status, so now we've just got lots of hard work to pull it back," he said.

"The hardest part is the physicality. I thought it couldn't be much harder than playing 80/80 club rugby. Turns out it's a lot tougher than that. I'm discovering muscles that had retired years ago waiting for me to die."