Eurovision protestor crashes stage during UK singer SuRie's performance

A protester climbed onto the stage in the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest and snatched the microphone away from UK contestant SuRie.

"All Nazis of the UK media, we demand freedom," he shouted into the mic.

He was quickly tackled by security and taken away while SuRie stood by.

The British singer kept her composure and carried on her with her song at the event in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday night. She appeared unhurt.

Eurovision France praised the singer for her professionalism.

"Despite an unfortunate incident on stage, the Englishwoman surieofficial magnificently illustrated the lyrics of her song! 'Do not give up', kudos to her! #Eurovision," the contest tweeted.

Celebrities tweeted their support of the British star, with the English television presenter asking the question on everyone's mind: "Where was security? He could have had a weapon!"

Previous editions of the annual event have also witnessed protesters getting onto the stage.

Contestants from 26 countries are taking part in the hugely popular contest.

Israel was the winner on the night, with Netta Barzilai taking out the top prize.

APTN / Newshub.