Harvey Weinstein could be hit with more rape charges

  • 27/05/2018

Appearing in court in New York yesterday following his arrest, Harvey Weinstein faced charges of rape and more sex crimes.

Charged for two counts of rape and one count of criminal sexual act, Weinstein could face up to 25 years in prison if he is convicted of the more serious crimes.

The charges come from two of the many women who have come forward with accusations, both of whom have remained anonymous.

Reuters has reported that his attorney Benjamin Brafman told people outside the court house that he intends on pleading not guilty. 

But he is also said to be facing further charges in London and Los Angeles from other women.

The disgraced Hollywood figure has been accused by over 70 women of sexual misconduct, some accusations dating back a decade.

Weinstein was released on a US$1 million cash bail, and will return to court on July 30.

Newshub / Reuters