Illusionist leaves Britain's Got Talent viewers horrified as stunt nearly goes wrong

  • 29/05/2018

A contestant on Britain's Got Talent has left viewers far from entertained as he nearly drowned himself on stage.

Paramedics scrambled to Matt Johnson's side after the illusionist failed to free his head from chained glass box full of water after nearly two minutes.

For the semi-final of the competition, Johnson was put in a padlocked straightjacket and then locked into handcuffs.

But Johnson became visibly more panicked as he could not get out by what he called the "safe" time of 1 minute, 45 seconds.

Paramedics didn't end up having to intervene as Johnson managed to free himself - and just in the nick of time, it would seem - as he spluttered for air.

"The second I panic it's over," he had told the crowd before his stunt, calling what he was about to do "hell on earth".

Viewers agreed - many taking to social media to compare his trick to the horror film franchise Saw.

"Nah," one Twitter user wrote. "This is a scene from Saw. I'm not entertained. I'm horrified."

Another said it was not much fun to watch Johnson's performance.

"I can't watch things like this. Makes my chest go tight."

Others made fun of the show's disclaimer for viewers "not to try this at home".

"Sorry mate, the tank's already out," one person joked. "I'm fully submerged. The chains and locks are in place. If only I'd read this warning sooner."

"Who has a steal straight jacket, meters of chain, handcuffs, a fish tank and two blokes at home?" another asked.