Is Suzy Cato considering becoming an NZ politician?

  • 24/05/2018

Could children's TV star Suzy Cato be considering a move into New Zealand's Parliament?

The Kiwi icon didn't rule it out when the conversation came up during a Newshub Facebook Live on Thursday evening.

Instead, she admitted she previously harboured hopes of becoming a politician before her career took off, saying she dreamed of "making decisions and making changes for New Zealand".

"But I grew up in the Muldoon era and watched the shenanigans in Parliament and was completely turned off - it horrified me how badly they behaved," Cato told Newshub's Samantha Hayes.

However she said things have changed in the intervening years, and the political environment is a lot better.

When asked whether that meant a change in career was coming up, Cato didn't rule it out.

"I think what I'm doing now is what's right for me. And that's still working with kids and families and that sort of thing - that's where my heart sits now."

The discussion was sparked by a question from a member of the public, who asked whether Cato would take over ACT MP David Seymour's seat in Parliament if he was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars NZ - a show Cato and Hayes are also competing in.

Watch the full Facebook Live below.

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