Julian Dennison roasts Ryan Reynolds on US TV

Julian Dennison on Conan.
Julian Dennison on Conan. Photo credit: TBS

Kiwi actor Julian Dennison has admitted he wasn't much of a fan of Ryan Reynolds before filming Deadpool 2.

Dennison, who is currently promoting the offbeat superhero film in the United States, made the admission during an interview on TBS late night show Conan.

Host Conan O'Brien asked Dennison what his feelings were about Reynolds before he was cast - and was surprised by the teen's lukewarm response.

"Um... like, I saw his movies. I wouldn't say I was a fan," Dennison said, to laughs from the audience.

"Like, y'know, there was Green Lantern, which was a... great... movie."

Green Lantern, which Reynolds starred in, was a flop with critics - garnering a terrible 26 percent approval rating on review site Rotten Tomatoes.

O'Brien retorted Dennison likely wouldn't be in third instalment of the Deadpool franchise after his comments, prompting Dennison to hurriedly claim Reynolds was actually very nice in person.

"He's a super nice guy - he's gonna probably watch this - so he's a super nice guy," Dennison laughed. "[He's] really cool to work with, amazing family - yeah, he's just super nice."

O'Brien wasn't sure if that would be enough to get Dennison in the film, but since there hasn't been an announcement yet on whether Deadpool 3 will be made, audiences will just have to wait and see.