Kiwi Toby Ricketts nominated in UK's biggest voiceover awards

A Kiwi voiceover artist has won big at this year's one voice awards in the UK.

Toby Ricketts has lent his dulcet tones to some huge brands like BMW, Netflix, Audi and Microsoft, but some of his biggest jobs have actually been recorded inside his tiny studio at the top of the North Island.

"A broadband internet connection has made it possible to do work from anywhere effectively so from my cabin in Northland," he told Newshub.

"I'm connecting with Los Angeles, New York ... all over Europe."

In fact, one ad, which he voiced for Chile travel, was recorded while he was on holiday in the South Island.

"I had to crawl under a bed and record this take, and that's the one they used in the final commercial."

Mr Ricketts has been voicing for over 20 years and even uses four different accents - New Zealand, Australian, British and American.

He's so good that he won four out of six nominations at the UK's biggest voice awards.

"They had 1500 entries so I guess I like to think I did quite well," he says.

Mr Ricketts now has his sights on America's Voice Arts Awards, which he calls the Oscars of voice work.

As for his dream job, he says that's an in-flight video - so Newshub made him audition.

See video for his version.