'Like swimming upstream': David Seymour's Dancing with the Stars performance condemned again

  • 27/05/2018

Following a series of performances that have drawn plenty of condemnation and advice but very little in the way of praise, it was high time ACT leader David Seymour produced a dance that impressed.

But his latest Dancing With The Stars NZ performance, a cha-cha, also failed to inspire - or even rouse the judges into compliments.

"Cheeky, flirtatious, rhythmical… those are the words we usually use," Camilla began.

"But today was more like swimming upstream. I mean, I kind of enjoy your performances, but for the wrong reasons.

"You're going to really have to put in the hours if you're going to keep up with the others."

Jules also struggled to come up with anything nice to say.

"At least you're having fun," he reluctantly concluded.

"You looked like you were having the time of your life," added Rachel. "Nonetheless, the routine was not very challenging and not executed very well."

Mr Seymour didn't let the comments get to him, however.

"They want to compliment me, but they just can't quite bring themselves to do it," he laughed.

Mr Seymour got another set of lowly scores from the judges, earning 5, 5 and 5 for a meagre total of 15.

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