As it happened: Dancing with the Stars Episode 3

It's Episode 3 of Dancing with the Stars, and the celebrity contestants will all be looking to up their game from last week.

ACT leader David Seymour received the lowest score for his "awkward" jive in Episode 2 - can he pull something out of the bag to keep himself off the bottom of the scoreboard?

Will Jess Quinn take out the top spot again tonight, or will Sam Hayes or Suzy Cato steal the crown?

We'll be keeping you updated by live blogging tonight's episode.

8:34pm - That's it for tonight! Join us tomorrow night for live updates of Episode 4 and the first elimination of the competition. 

Naz, Zac and Chris are leading the scoreboard equally at the end of the night, while Marama is languishing at the bottom.

Not great scores from the judges, but not terrible either.

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 5

Julz Tocker: 5

Total: 16

Julz enjoyed the dance, but Rachel says there was a notable lack of Cuban motion.

Camilla says his cha-cha might need some work, but he knows how to work the crowd. There were even some audience members wearing Roger Farrelly masks, indicating a passionate fan base. 

Some quick footwork from Roger, and high energy yet again. He finished off with a hat-tossing flourish which really pulled the whole performance together. 

8:25pm - Last up tonight is Roger Farrelly, who for some reason is dressed as a 1990s pimp with a bowler hat.

His performance last week includeed surprising amounts of energey (and an equally surprising mesh vest).

He'll be doing the cha-cha to a Bruno Mars song, which does explain the outfit somewhat.

His pre-dance video features a cute cameo from his daughters helping their dad dance on the beach. I see Suzy Cato isn't the only one who knows which emotional cards to play.

Chris Harris is now in third equal place with some impressive scores!

Rachel White: 8

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 8

Julz Tocker: 8

Total: 24

Camilla says he looks at home on the dancefloor, and says she'd feel safe dancing with him. She's impressed at his emotional connection to the dance, and mentions that her husband is away. Scandalous.

Julz compliments his "beautiful" footwork and says he looks like he was gliding, although has some constructive criticism over his lifts.

Rachel says she believes in him, and that he has "moments of brilliance". She also says she has a great body. The flirting is getting a bit much for me personally.

Not one but two masterful lifts from Chris! He's got a serious face on and looks very graceful and controlled.

8:16pm - Cricketer Chris Harris is up next with the foxtrot. His partner says she's "quietly excited" about his progress, so expectations are high.

He wants to take the audience on a journey, and says he hopes they'll think his dance is "beautiful". Bless him.

Another week of very tough scoring for Marama Fox, who for inexplicable reasons is now at the bottom of the scoreboard.

Rachel White: 5

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 5

Julz Tocker: 4

Total: 14

Harsh words from Camilla, who says she felt like she was at a school disco rather than watching a cha-cha.  

Julz says Marama messed up her timing and needs to watch her feet.

A legendary line from Marama about needing to keep her legs closed while dancing:

"I have nine children and I should have learned a long time ago."

Sassy as always, Marama owned the floor in a bold polka-dot dress.

She says while her "skinny little white boy" can dance, she's still the boss.

8:04pm - Up next is everyone's favourite mischievous aunt Marama Fox, who will be dancing the cha-cha.

She says the judge's comments last week were "fair", despite everyone else in the country agreeing that she was robbed. #justiceforMarama

She wants the audience to be "mesmerised" and to forget that they're watching a competition. If anyone can do it, Marama can.

Hot diggity dog, it's our first 9 of the competition!

Rachel White: 7

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 9

Julz Tocker: 8

Total: 24

Julz and Camilla gave Zac a standing ovation! Julz said he even had shadow position, content and lines! Wow!

Camilla says the dance took her breath away, and Rachel loved it, saying the pair showed elegance and freedom. However she says his posture's still not great, so it looks like Quasimodo's still hanging around.

Dancing the Viennese waltz and looking like a 1950s heartthrob, Zac executes an impressive lift without dropping partner Christie which will surely secure him some points.

7:52pm - Next up it's Zac Franich, who was compared to Quasimodo last week. Zac notes that in fact the hunchback was a loyal friend who saved his town, which is true but probably won't help him much in terms of dancing.

Girlfriend Erin Simpson makes an appearance in his pre-dance video. Oh, oh, here we go, on the Quasimodo show. 

Some solid scores for Shavrique.

Rachel White: 7

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 21

Shav's chosen charity is the Breast Cancer Foundation, which means a lot to her because one of her best friends passed away from the disease in 2015.

Camilla says Shav made the dance look "effortless" despite shaking with nerves, and Julz says she belongs on the dancefloor but has some feedback about a pulley system or something.

Rachel was impressed, saying she "took it up a notch" and drew her in. However she's missing some settling action. Love these technical terms. 

It's no skin-tight catsuit, but Shav is looking great and somewhat Grecian in a sheer white gown.

She has great chemistry with Enrique, and the two do lots of hurt looks and pretend-walking-away as well as some sensuous movements. 

7:29pm - Next up it's Shavrique with the rumba, a "dance of passion".

Shavaughan Ruakere is also struggling with an injury, this time of the back! This show is terrifying!

Another solid set of scores from the judges for Jess Quinn.

Rachel White: 7

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 8

Julz Tocker: 8

Total: 23

In her post-dance chat with Sharyn, Jess reveals she's recovering from a rib injury. This woman is seriously impressive. 

"You move so seamlessly, I forget you have an added challenge," says Rachel, but wants her to improve her 'frame'.

Camilla wanted Jess to have "sold it" a little more, while Julz applauds her for nailing those pesky scatter-sashays and disagrees about the frame.

In a beautiful Princess Jasmine-esque blue outfit, Jess looks like she's having the time of her life trotting and bouncing around the dancefloor.

There's also an exciting lift-spin thing which looks hard.

7:32pm - Jess Quinn, the current reigning champion, is up next with the quickstep.

She's nervous about maintaining her lead, and she's having trouble with 'scatter-sashays', whatever those are.

"The blade is meant to bounce you up," she says of her prosthetic limb. "It's been a challenge to control that."

Sam Hayes will be doing an Instagram Live right after the show, and she'll be joined by Jess Quinn. Head to @samanthahayes at 8.30 to ask them your questions!

To boos from the crowd, it's three sixes for Sam.

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 6

Julz Tocker: 6

Total: 18

The judges weren't quite as enamoured with her this week, with Julz saying it was obvious she wasn't comfortable. Rachel says she wants to see "more" next week - not sure how much more you can do than an actual cartwheel. 

There were a lot of spins in this dance so it's impressive she didn't lose her balance.

CARTWHEEL! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Sam Hayes has officially done a cartwheel over her partner. Truly a historic moment.

7:20pm - It's Samantha Hayes and partner Aaron doing a samba! Sam is looking every bit the bombshell in an eye-catching red dress.

She says she'll be "sticking her butt out a lot" - quite the change from last week's elegant foxtrot.

Sam gets a bit teary-eyed talking about feeling embarrassed in the pre-dance video, but says "when it comes tgoether, it's amazing".

The first scores of the night are in, and they're impressive!

Rachel White: 8

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 8

Julz Tocker: 8

Total: 24

The judges were much more positive in their feedback than last week, with Camilla Sacre-Dallerup telling Naz that she "just became a serious contender".

In her post-dance discussion with Dai Henwood, Naz got in a sick burn to season 2 Bachelor Jordan, saying that the chemistry between her and her dance partner is "actually real".

The pair have gone for matching red and black outifts, with imperious facial expressions to match. Naz's dancing has definitely improved, executing some impressive lifts.

7:08pm - Naz is up first, with the tango. She says she's insecure about her footwork, which designated 'mean' judge Rachel White called her out for last week.

Fun fact: judge Julz Tocker was the dance coach for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone on La La Land. Depending on your opinion of the film, you might be impressed by that or not.

7pm - We're continuing last week's tradition and beginning with a group dance. Several contestants seemed dangerously close to falling over when spinning onto the stage - not naming any names.