As it happened: Dancing With The Stars Episode 4

Tonight's the night - one unfortunate celebrity will be going home after Episode 4 of Dancing With The Stars.

Who will it be? Marama Fox is currently at the bottom of the scoreboard, but given what we saw last week it's entirely possible David Seymour will replace her.

But maybe the jivin' ACT leader will have sharpened his skills enough in the last seven days to earn himself a higher score.

Only time will tell, and we'll be keeping you updated by live blogging tonight's episode. 

8:31pm - End of live updates

That's it for tonight!

Viewers can help keep their favourite dancer in the competition by texting their first name to 3333 - each text costs 99c and net proceeds go to that star's chosen charity.

The next episode of DWTS NZ will air on Sunday May 13 at 7pm on Three and all episodes can be viewed again on ThreeNow.

8:30pm - NZ Twitter mourns the competition's first loss

8:29pm - Gilda Kirkpatrick is eliminated

The first casualty of the competition is Gilda, meaning Shavrique will live to see another week.

She doesn't seem too bothered, admitting she's "not a dancer" but is happy her kids got to watch her on the show.

She apologises to her chosen charity Starship Foundation for getting eliminated, which is sad.

8:27pm - Who's safe?

Chris and Vanessa are safe, as are Roger and Carol-Ann.

Marama and Brad are safe! 

So are Jess and Johnny!

Newshub's Sam is safe with partner Aaron, and Naz and Tim!

Robert and Nicole are safe, and Zac is too!

David and Amelia are safe! And looked awkward as hell when that was announced.

8:26pm - The first elimination

Now's the moment we've all been waiting for. Who will it be?

All 12 couples are out on stage and looking nervous. I know I am.

The results are a combination of their scores and the public vote.

The first safe couple is: Suzy and Matt!

8:22pm - Move of the week

Naz is awarded the 'move of the week' for her Spanish twists, or something. I was too distracted by her impressive eyelashes to hear what the move was called.

8:21pm - Twitter is confused by the pie metaphor and impressed by David Seymour

8:18pm - Judge's scores

A vast improvement for the man in purple velvet!

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 20

8:15pm - Judge's feedback

Camilla says if David knocked on her door, he'd get her vote. She implies he might get something else as well with those flirty eyes. She's very impressed at his improvement and saw a "glimpse of hope".

Pun from Julz who says he "got his ACT together". Get it? Dancing's like a pie, he says. You've got to throw the technique book out and....something. A confused metaphor, I'd say.

Rachel says he's on the right path, and could be a "great dancer" someday. 

8:11pm - David Seymour's back

The man, the myth, the legend. David received some harsh feedback for his "awkward" jive last week, but he's determined to "do way better" tonight.

He'll be doing the tango, for which his partner wants him to be "an a-hole".

"Of course that's not in my nature," he deadpans.

The ACT leader gets in a dig at engineers. Personal grievance?

He's also been watching himself obsessively on video to try to improve. Let's hope it pays off.

In a bold purple velvet outfit, he's looking more controlled and leading his partner masterfully around the floor. Some stiff arm movements but such a good serious face!

Nifty footwork, and I can sense the passionate chemistry between the two dance partners.

8:08pm - NZ Twitter is still not loving these judges

8:05pm - Judge's scores

An okay set of scores for Gilda.

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 6

Julz Tocker: 5

Total: 17

8:02pm - Judge's feedback

What does Rachel love about Gilda? She always looks like such a lady. The samba really suits her, she says, and it's an improvement on last week but Rachel wants to see her "really perform".

Camilla thinks Gilda was "sassy and brilliant" and had good bounce action. She wants her to stay in the competition long enough to have a breakthrough.

Julz begs to differ! He thinks she messed up, but that the second half of the dance got better. He wants her to break a sweat. Camilla and Rachel interrupt to tell him he's wrong. Drama!

7:58pm - Gilda Kirkpatrick sambas onstage

The Real Housewife and her multiple dogs has been rewatching last week's performance and is determined to improve.

She'll be doing the samba this week which is a less serious dance than Week One's tango. She wants to deliver romance to the audience, which I'm sure she's capable of.

In a feathery white number, Gilda's a bit more smiley than usual and executes a very high kick and some fast-paced spins. She's a little bit low energy which could mean some criticism from the judges.

7:55pm - NZ Twitter disagrees with the judges, again

7:53pm - Judge's scores

A frankly astonishing 21 points for Robert and Nicole, putting them on equal ground with Suzy Cato. This is....surprising.

Rachel White: 7

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 21

7:50pm - Judge's feedback

Julz says he's improved since last week but notes he missed some moves. He notes that as the oldest in the competition, Robert is impressive.

Rachel says it was "thrilling, exciting and fabulous!"

Camilla has one thing to say - Robert just arrived in this competition.

Everyone in the Mediaworks newsroom is wondering if we saw the same performance the judges did. No offence, Robert. 

7:46pm - Robert Rakete takes to the floor

The Brown Wiggle will be doing the jive, and is terrified of doing a Rodney Hide and dropping partner Nicole.

Looking lively in matching black Converse shoes, there's a bit of wobbly timing going on from Robert.

He keeps smiling the whole time and doesn't give Nicole a traumatic head injury, at least.

7:44pm - NZ Twitter unhappy with judges

7:41pm - Judge's scores

Another solid week for Suzy Cato, who told Sharyn Casey that New Zealand can expect some more sassiness in coming weeks. Can't wait.

Rachel White: 7

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 21

7:39pm - Judge's comments

Camilla is full of praise but wants Suzy to work on her confidence. 

Julz agrees but says she's improved since last week, complimenting her "beautiful softness" and, once again, content. Still unsure what that means.

Mean judge Rachel says the dance was good - but not great. The crowd is not pleased.

7:37pm - Suzy's dance

Looking like a princess in a lavender dress, long gloves and lacking her signature glasses, Suzy is cutting an impressive figure on the dancefloor.

Lots of well-executed spins, lifts and a graceful sink to the floor.

After the dance Suzy breaks every New Zealander's heart by saying that "all the little kids who used to watch me are big kids now, bigger than me".

7:34pm - Suzy Cato

The queen of children's TV is up first! She gave a truly iconic performance last week, and I'm sure Suzy won't disappoint in Episode 4.

She's doing a Viennese Waltz "with a modern twist". She says her fear of heights makes doing lifts difficult, and she wants to do the best she can.