As it happened: Dancing with the Stars Episode 5

Will Suzy Cato continue to win the hearts of New Zealand - and the judges?
Will Suzy Cato continue to win the hearts of New Zealand - and the judges? Photo credit: Mediaworks

8:32pm -That's it for tonight!

Join us tomorrow night for the remaining four performances and the show's second elimination.

Viewers can help keep their favourite dancer in the competition by texting their first name to 3333 - each text costs 99c and net proceeds go to that star's chosen charity.

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8:31pm - NZ Twitter loves Chris Harris

8:29pm - Judges scores

Chris is straight to the top of the leaderboard!

Rachel White: A "strong" 8

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 8

Julz Tocker: 8

Total: 24

8:28pm - Judges feedback

Camilla says it was AWESOME!!! She has three words for him: I. LOVE. YOU!!!! Steady on.

Julz says Chris gives it his all and thinks he'll stick around.

Rachel ups the flirting by saying she wanted to get up and dance with him - she absolutely loved it.

8:24pm - Chris' dance

Cricketer Chris Harris will close out the night with a jive, complete with hip swivels and twists, jumps and catches. It's all very exciting.

He wants the crowd to get up and boogie with them, and he certainly brought the party with that sequinned fedora.

To 'Proud Mary', Chris looks smooth and well-timed as he twists and leg kicks his way around the dancefloor. A near miss when he seemed about to lose his balance but he recovered!

8:21pm - NZ Twitter is amused by Rachel's reactions 

8:19pm - Judge's scores

A truly mixed bag from the judges!

Rachel White: 5

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 6

Total: 18 

8:17pm - Judge's feedback

Rachel enjoyed seeing Robert's softer side but says it's a shame about the beginning. If there was a huge mistake there I missed it. She wants his transitions to be more seamless.

Camilla thought the dance was romantic, elegant and completely disagrees with Rachel yet again. She thought he was rather dapper. Oo-er.

Julz says he missed some heel leads but all round it was a pretty good performance.

8:13pm - Robert's dance

Robert Rakete admits he doesn't think he danced great last week, despite a bafflingly high score.

He'll be dancing a Viennese Waltz to 'I Have Nothing' by Whitney Houston, and his partner literally tied him to a stick to improve his posture.

In dark blue with a suave facial expression, Robert's got his arms going and spins his partner around masterfully although I think I see a couple of missteps. As I've said though, I don't know what I'm talking about.

8:10pm - NZ Twitter is not impressed with what seems to be a gender double standard from the judges

8:07pm - Judge's scores

Not great scores, but not terrible either.

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 5

Julz Tocker: 6

Total: 17

8:05pm - Judge's feedback

Julz is feeling feisty and has some information for the people complaining about scoring on Twitter. The judges automatically deduct points for bad timing. Okay Julz, we're sorry! Anyway he says Zac's dance this week wasn't great.

Rachel agrees but still says she can't wait to see him again next week.

Camilla says he went from awesome to average (ouch) but praises his confidence and energy.

8:00pm - Zac's dance

Before Zac's dance Naz expertly steals the spotlight by revealing she might be without a partner tomorrow, after he bent his knee out of shape during rehearsal. She says she doubts that he'll be dancing with her in Episode 6. Oh the drama!

Last week Zac somehow got himself a 9! He wants to do even better this week and is turning to Tarot cards to give his partner more confidence, who's terrified of the 'week three curse' that has haunted her previous DWTS appearances.

In sleeveless flame-orange outfits, Zac and partner are doing the jive to that Jet song from an iPod commercial.

He successfully picks up his partner (whose name I've forgotten, sorry!!!!) and balances her over his head, and then spins her around. His footwork is a little clumsy but he's such a loveable goof how can you hold it against him?

Zac admits to some improvisation. Goodness.

7:57pm - NZ Twitter has some thoughts about how we talk about disabled people

7:54pm - Judge's scores

For the first time Jess and Jonny aren't at the top of the leaderboard! Still some solid scores.

Rachel White: 7

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 21

7:51pm - Judge's feedback

Camilla thought it was fantastic, and was particularly blown away by her one-foot turn on a blade. She thinks Jess has perfect balance and is going nowhere.

Julz says it's amazing to see Jess doing pivots. "Just keep going." Seems easy enough.

Rachel agrees Jess is inspiring but says she had questionable timing, although she's impressed with the freedom in her body.

7:48pm - Jess's dance

Jess admits she blanked and messed up at the beginning of last week's dance, which not even the judges noticed.

She's determined to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

The couple is dancing a "flirtatious" samba to 'Closer' by Six60, and Jess is grappling with some sore ribs.

She says she's doing the competition as part of her philosophy to give life 100 percent in everything she does, which is nice and inspiring.

In a fluorescent assymetrical number and braided pigtails, Jess is full of smiles and her legwork looks good (to me, who knows nothing about dance).

She does a splits, and a lean back! Impressive stuff.

7:45pm - Julz and Rachel dance

Two of the judges take to the floor to show us how it's done.

I keep forgetting they are indeed both professionals and being very impressed with their progress.

7:41pm - NZ Twitter isn't fully down with the judges, but very down with Mike McRoberts

7:29pm - Judge's scores

An improvement on last week's number of the beast!

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 20

7:37pm - Judge's feedback

Rachel says the cuteness was a distraction from some not-great dancing, to boos from the audience.

Camilla however says she now loves Sam a bit more! Conflict! She wants the newsreader to be more animated in her dance, maybe working with an acting coach to push her out of her shell.

Julz says they're the cutest little Disney couple, and the routine was clean but Sam needs to work on her leg action and be more vulnerable. Overall a good job.

7:33pm - Sam's dance

Up next is Newshub's own Sam Hayes!

Inh her pre-dance video she visits her charity Riding for the Disabled, which is close to Sam's heart because she grew up with horses.

She'll be doing the jive to Florence + The Machine's hit, 'Dog Days Are Over'.

And she will be attempting a backflip, which she says is terrifying but she won't be accepting three 6s again.

Looking like 1950s sweethearts, Sam and Aaron are delightful with lots of graceful twirls, delicate footwork and some cute almost-kisses.

The backflip was flawless, and how about that steamy ending?

7:29pm - NZ Twitter is (mostly) feeling Rockin' Rog

7:26pm - Judge's scores

These decent scores might make up for Roger's car breaking down on the motorway.

Rachel White: 7

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 6

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 20

7:19pm - Rockin' Rog's dance

Roger Farrelly will be dancing the Viennese Waltz to his favourite Metallica song, 'Nothing Else Matters'.

He wants to impress the judges this week as he thinks he's got the audience vote in his pocket. Them's fightin' words, Rog.

Partner Carol-Ann looks worried.

Another bizarre outfit for Rog - a suit jacket with tails over a Metallica T-shirt.

He's looking positively crestfallen with concentration and the energy is great again, with some air guitar thrown in for good measure.

Carol-Ann got a tattoo - 'Rockin' Rog' - to celebrate not being voted off first.

Julz is enthusiastic. "Rogy boy!" He was full of Viennese content and Julz liked what he saw.

Rachel also has a nickname for him: "Rog the rockstarrrrr!" She wants him to dance through Carol-Ann, somehow.

Camilla says he looks at home on the floor and his head movements were much improved.

7:16pm - NZ Twitter collectively gets something in its eye watching Shav

7:14pm - Judge's scores

Shav hopes Helena would be proud of her, and these scores indicate she absolutely would.

Rachel White: 8

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 8

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 23

7:12pm - Judge's feedback

After finishing Shav went and hugged Helena's husband and some other friends in the crowd, and is very emotional.

Camilla loved it, saying Shav really stepped it up and danced for everyone in the country who has lost someone.

Julz says he could feel Shav's emotion and she did a great job, running around like a maniac but keeping her top half nice and controlled.

Rachel "absolutely really really enjoyed it", but has some critiques about Shav's shoulder line and rib action.

7:06pm - Shavrique's dance

First up is this intriguely-named couple! This week they'll be doing the quickstep, which Shav says requires "mental gymnastics".

This week all the stars will be dancing to their favourite songs, and Shav has chosen her late best friend's favourite song, Feel the Love by Rudimental.

Her chosen charity is the Breast Cancer Foundation.

In a flouncy sparkly long number, Shav starts off by being spun around on the floor. She's all smiles and is making the quickstep look easy.

Lots of bouncing and kicking across the dancefloor. High energy to open the show.

7:01pm - Opening group dance

Did they dance to this song last week as well or did I make it up?

Dai did an impressive cartwheel and David Seymour is wearing a daring plunging shirt, stripped right to the navel.

After the departure of Gilda Kirkpatrick in the competition's first elimination, 11 contestants are left fighting for the crown.

So what will we see tonight?

Will David Seymour continue to improve against the odds? Are Suzy Cato or Jess Quinn going to be toppled from the top of the scoreboard? Will someone do another cartwheel?

We'll be keeping you posted with live updates from Dancing With The Stars NZ Episode 5.