As it happened: Dancing with the Stars Episode 8

As it happened: Dancing with the Stars Episode 8
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After the departures of Gilda and Naz, a third celebrity will be sent packing in tonight's episode of Dancing with the Stars NZ.

We'll be keeping you posted with live updates.

8:39pm - End of live updates

That's it for tonight! Join us next Sunday for another episode of DWTS NZ.

Viewers can help keep their favourite dancer in the competition by texting their first name to 3333 - each text costs 99c and net proceeds go to that star's chosen charity.

DWTS NZ airs Sundays 7pm and Mondays 7.30pm on Three, and all episodes can be viewed again on ThreeNow.

8:38pm - NZ Twitter has mixed feelings about Zac's departure

8:33pm - Zac is eliminated

With a gracious final speech about how he's glad to have been able to shine a spotlight on mental health with chosen chairty Live More Awesome, former Bachelor Zac is out for the count.

8:29pm - Elimination time

It's that time of the week again. All 10 remaining couples are out on the floor, positively quaking with fear.

And the first contestant to be declared safe is...


Also safe is Jess!

Also remaining is Sam!

Suzy is safe!

Also safe is Roger!

Chris is safe!

Shav is safe!

Robert is safe!

The last two celebrities are Zac and David...

Aaaaaaand it's Zac eliminated.

8:26pm - Move of the week

Sam Hayes takes home move of the week for a sultry twisty move of some sort.

8:24pm - NZ Twitter sceptical of Rog's scores

8:22pm - Judges' scores

A rather generous score for Rog, who's tied at the bottom of the score board with ol' David Seymour.

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 6

Julz Tocker: 6

Total: 18

8:19pm - Judges' feedback

Before the judges can get a word in, Rog shows his age by referencing some truly ancient memes.

Camilla says the dance was entertaining although concedes he may have made up some of the steps. She says he makes everyone feel fabulous!

Julz burns Rog real bad, comparing him to the terrible film Weekend at Bernie's. 

Rachel was pleasantly surprised by the performance, saying Rog might be a Latin heart throb after all. 

8:16pm - Roger's dance

Rockin' Rog, who's better at ballroom, has been struggling with a samba this week.

Bad hips run in his family, so the shimmys might be a struggle for him. He also has to dance to Barry Manilow, the poor man.

In some violently vibrant outfits, Rog and Carol-Ann look like they're having fun, although Rog definitely messes up his footwork more than once.

Last night's wild rowing-boat arms make a surprise appearance too.

8:13pm - NZ Twitter loves likeable Rob

8:10pm - Judges' scores

A very respectable 21 for Robert and Nicole.

Rachel White: 7

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 7

Julz Tocker: 7

Total: 21

8:07pm - Judges' feedback

Rachel says the dance was full of great substance, but once again Robert's pesky frame wasn't great. She wants more consistency from the man.

Camilla has clammy hands from her expectations, pointing out that he made a couple of errors. However she praises his risk-taking moments.

Julz reminds us that Robert's been doing very difficult dances every week, and compliments his transitions. He liked it.

8:03pm - Robert's dance

Wholesome, good-natured Robert reminds New Zealand that he hasn't been getting the scores he thinks he deserves.

Hopefully this week's quickstep will change that.

In his pre-dance video Robert pops by his old primary school to hand out food and clothing from chosen charity KidsCan, further demonstrating his heart of gold.

Robert in leather and Nicole in what seems to be a pink sparkly historical saloon-girl dress, the pair are smiley and full of bounce if a little out of time.

Robert is such a human ray of sunshine it's hard to say anything bad about him!

8:00pm - NZ Twitter crowns Sam Hayes the new queen of DWTS

7:57pm - Judges' scores

Topping Shavrique, Sam's just got the highest-yet score of the entire competition!

Rachel White: 9

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 8

Julz Tocker: 9

Total: 26

7:55pm - Judges' feedback

Julz reminds Dam that DWTS is a family show, and says the dance was 'fifty shades of Sam Harris', whoever that is. She had hip action to die for and he's a big fan.

Yes, yes, yes from Rachel! She admits she's been tough on Sam but tonight she's full of praise for the "sexy, seductive, sultry" performance.

Camilla is literally so excited right now. She says it was beautiful to see the connection between Sam and Aaron, and there's no going back.

7:49pm - Sam's dance

Newshub's Sam Hayes is up next, and she took Camilla's suggestion that she take acting lessons, for which she turned to comedian Madeleine Sami.

She told Sam that she needs to override her "resting news face" when dancing and maybe even cry, an experience Sam says is "liberating".

Dancing the rumba to Beyonce's 'Halo', Sam slinks around partner Aaron and pulls off some tricky-looking twists and spins, coming close to doing the splits at one point.

7:46pm - NZ Twitter impressed that Shav impressed Scary Rachel

7:44pm - Judges' scores

Very high scores to start off the night, with a rare 9!

Rachel White: 9

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 8

Julz Tocker: 8

Total: 25

7:41pm - Judges' feedback

Camilla was impressed, saying Shav demanded everyone's attention. However she's now cursed with the weight of high expectations, and Camilla wanted her to shake her skirt around more for some reason.

Julz says it's business time. Shav had power, aggression, explosiveness and he loved it but he agrees that she needs more shaking through the body.

Rachel has to disagree with her fellow judges! Surely not! She says Shav was brave, gutsy and devoted and she brought a sexy feminine...ness.

7:39pm - Shav's dance

After an emotional dance last week, Shavrique will be doing the pasa doble with lots of strength and mana, according to Shav.

Enrique takes Shav to the park and spins her around on some playground equipment to teach her how to spot. Seems a touch cruel to me.

In some eye-catching Spanish-inspired costumes, the pair looks sensuous and confident as they strut about the dancefloor.

To finish, Enrique jumps over Shav's head!

7:35pm - Opening dance

Some ominous shots of Rockin' Rog and David Seymour before our top 10 gets into the groove of the mandatory group dance.

The judges are standing and clapping yet look a bit bored at the same time. In fairness, the opening number is always a bit uncomfortably reminiscent of an intermediate school disco.