Man dies of possible cardiac arrest while watching Avengers: Infinity War

The Avengeres
The Avengers fan was found dead in his seat at the local movie theatre. Photo credit: File

No this is not a spoiler.

In a bizarre and tragic turn of events, an Indian Avengers fan has died while watching the latest instalment in the franchise.

The Times of India reports 43-year-old construction worker Peddapasupla Baasha was found sitting in his seat "without any movement" by cinema staff, following the final credits of Avengers: Infinity War. Workers reportedly initially thought he was waiting for an end-credits scene like most Marvel fans, but remained in his seat even after that finished.

The Times reports that when workers removed his 3D glasses, they realised he died with his eyes open.

There is an on-going investigation into his death, but local police reportedly believe he died of natural causes, possibly cardiac arrest. 

It's not the only recent tragic death in a cinema. A UK cinema-goer died in March after getting his head wedged in an electric chair, while trying to retrieve his cell phone.

The man suffered a cardiac arrest, according to reports, and could only be freed after the other patrons broke the mechanisms in the chair to release him.