Mark Richardson's attempt to taunt Guy Williams hilariously backfires

The AM Show host Mark Richardson has found himself on the receiving end of a quick-witted Jono and Ben response after he attempted to ridicule comedian Guy Williams.

Williams is a near-constant presence on the pair's comedy sketch show, which returned to air on Thursday night.

But during an appearance on Three's The Project to promote their first episode back, Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce fielded a mocking question about Williams from former cricketer Mark Richardson.

"One final, quick [question] from me though, is why do you persist with Guy Williams?" he asked.

Jono started to offer up a joking response.

"Well, he's kind of like the child I brought into the relationship - they sort of have a weird step-dad, step-son relationship," he said.

But Ben quickly butted in with a stinging response to Richardson, comprised of references to his fellow AM Show hosts.

"Basically he's Duncan Garner, I'm Amanda Gillies," Ben began.

"And you're Guy Williams," finished Jono, to laughter from The Project hosts and their studio audience.

Jono and Ben airs every Thursday at 7:30pm on Three.