Marlon Williams on singing with ex Aldous Harding

Three years after the release of his self-titled debut, Lyttelton's Marlon Williams released his second album Make Way For Love in February.

The achingly personal album was inspired by his split from fellow singer Aldous Harding. The two even sing together on ballad 'Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore'.

"We're both sociopaths so it's par for the course," he joked about the potentially awkward situation.

"Music was always part of our relationship, it really didn't feel that weird."

He initially had no luck when he approached Harding with the duet he'd written.

"She said, 'Go and find someone else to do it', but eventually [said yes]. I was really happy that she agreed to do it and it worked out really well."

Williams says he's much more eloquent in his songs than in real life.

"Like most New Zealand males, [I] sort of respond in single words to any questions - from a lover, from anyone. It's very stunted.

"It's a new thing that I've discovered - for me, music helps to answer some of the questions that my speaking brain can't put into words."

Fresh from a 50-gig tour across Europe, America and Australia, he's now coming home to perform to New Zealand crowds, which he says are far more intimidating than international ones.

"It's not necessarily anything the audience is doing, it's just that relationship, returning back to the roots."

Williams will be performing in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin from Saturday.

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