People think Meghan Markle dropped an F-bomb during Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle exclaimed "f**k" while riding in a royal carriage with Prince Harry shortly after they exchanged vows, according to some internet users.

The newly-named Duchess of Sussex is thought by some to have merrily dropped the F-bomb just as the carriage pulled into the gated grounds of Windsor Castle.

Markle, 36, can clearly be seen mouthing something in a video taken during the moment in question, which has gossipers gossiping.

"While the audio wasn't clear, it definitely seemed like she let out an 'Oh f**k' as they crossed through the gates of Windsor Castle," writes Courteney Larocca for HollywoodLife.

"Sure, some people think she just said 'oh wow', but we're really hoping it's the first one."

Others took to Twitter with excited reactions to the newest member of the Royal Family's perceived profanity.

Video shows Meghan Markle allegedly saying "oh f**k" as royal procession pulls into Windsor Castle after exchanging vows with Prince Harry.
Photo credit: Twitter

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry turned to Meghan at one point during the 25-minute ride and said, "I'm ready for a drink now".