Naz and Tim can't keep their hands off each other in DWTS elimination interview

Dance partner Tim Mullayanov was the first person Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani called after she was the second celebrity eliminated from Dancing With The Stars NZ on Monday night.

The morning after, the pair visited Newshub for an interview and as it started, Naz leant over and planted a big kiss on Tim's cheek before checking her lipstick.

They sort of seemed like a cute old married couple who have 'still got it'.

"When I got eliminated, I went backstage and called him. He wasn't sounding like himself when I called him; I knew he was really upset," Naz said.

The Bachelor NZ star left the show just two weeks in, which came as a surprise to many. Naz's sassy Tango performance had set a high bar, with some commentators picking her as the winner from the outset.

Things got tough quickly, however, with Naz falling sick before Tim injured his knee, taking him off the dance floor and into A & E.

Naz was left distraught by the accident.

"I care for Tim a lot," she said.

"I didn't actually realise how much I cared for him, until that happened. It's been a very emotional past three days."

As she spoke, I found myself clutching my heart in the way that I sometimes do when I'm re-watching timeless rom-com P.S I Love You. Even though it's a bit silly, it's unexpectedly touching.

Naz even dedicated last night's cha-cha with replacement partner Shae, to Tim. She posted a rather adorable snap of her, Tim and an acoustic guitar on Instagram, captioning it: "Tonight was for you [Tim] x".

I'm not the only one who's noticed there's some serious chemistry between the pair.

"Everybody brought it up," Tim said.

"I'm a professional teacher. Anybody that could have been my partner, I would have done exactly the same.

"Tango, rumba, touching, sexy... this is what the public wants to see."

Tim assured me we didn't even get to see the half of it, saying if they'd had the chance to do a rumba, he'd have been "all over her". 

Naz giggled, and - perhaps keen to cool Tim's jets - added: "But then again, you have like, a jive or a waltz where there's no touching... no being super close.

"What he's trying to say is, there's a different character in each one and we try and show that."

I asked if it's all really just theatre.

"Absolutely - it's like Hollywood," said Tim.

"We're the chemistry king and queen here," said Naz, before stroking Tim's face.

"It's still acting..." said Tim.

But Naz then corrected him, saying: "That wasn't acting!"

It was around then I decided I should leave them alone for a bit.

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