New Zealand choreographer behind Jenifer Lopez's latest video

A New Zealander is behind the moves in the video for Jenifer Lopez's new song 'El Anillo', which already has over 10 million views on YouTube.

Auckland resident Kiel Tutin choreographed the dance featured in the music video and has worked with several other international artists as well.

He's currently working with the "Britney Spears of China", Jolin Tsai, but is now headed back to Auckland after also spending time in LA, TVNZ reports.

"LA has definitely grown on me this year, I guess it makes sense when you're there with a purpose, but GOD DAMN I can't wait to go home to my favourite place in the world," he wrote on Instagram.

TVNZ reports Lopez was introduced to Mr Tutin through one of her back up dancers, Michael Metuakore, and helped choreograph her 2018 Super Bowl Saturday performance.

Alongside the video for 'El Anillo' Mr Tutin choreographed the dance Ms Lopez did at the recent Latin Billboard awards to announce the video.

As it was revealed Mr Tutin took to Facebook to praise the team who worked on the video with him.

"This music video is an absolute masterpiece, congratulations to everyone that worked so hard on the video," he wrote.