Pornhub's shocking Star Wars Day spike

Warning: The following article references sexually explicit content.

Pornhub has released surprising new stats showing the spike they receive in searches for Star Wars related content on unofficial 'Star Wars Day'; May 4.

For those not in the know, the day is known as the non-official time to celebrate the epic space franchise because of the phrase 'May the fourth be with you'.

According to the release from the world's biggest porn site, Star Wars-related searches skyrocket by a whopping 10,340 percent on the day. 

Pornhub's shocking Star Wars Day spike
Photo credit: Pornhub.

Several search terms in particular had a meteoric spike, with 'Lightsaber' increasing by 766 percent, and 'Star Wars Sex' increasing by 663 percent.

Top Star Wars searches included 'Princess Leia, 'Star Wars Parody' and 'Star Wars XXX'.

Star Wars porn searches from Pornhub
Photo credit: Pornhub.

'Star whores' also increased in popularity on the day, apparently a parody film more based on Star Trek Voyager rather than Star Wars

Somewhat surprisingly, Pornhub says the millennial set are more into checking out the themed porn, with 18-24-year-olds 64 percent more likely to search for porn based on Star Wars movies to the movies compared to other age groups.

 But as Pornhub explains, Star Wars smut is not just reserved for that day.

"When each of the last three movies were released, Pornhub saw a surge in Star Wars related searches," wrote the site in a blog post.

"The much anticipated reboot [of] the series, 2015's Force Awakens, saw the biggest increase of 198% on the day the movie was released."

In January, Pornhub released the most popular search terms for 2017, with 'lesbian', 'hentai' and 'MILF' dominating globally.