Rihanna shares selfies with hairy legs and 'stretch marks', women everywhere rejoice

Rihanna's summery selfie
Photo credit: Rihanna/Instagram

The comment section of Rihanna's Instagram is once again blowing up after the singer posted some au naturel selfies. 

The songstress snapped some summery shots, looking carefree (and make-up free) in a singlet top and bikini bottoms.  

Eagle-eyed fans, who were somehow able to avoid being blinded by Rihanna's otherworldly beauty, noticed that she had not shaved her legs, resulting in a smattering of small fuzzy hairs.  

In another shot, the pop star included a different angle in which commentators thought they could see stretch marks on her behind. 

Making reference to the pattern on her swimwear (but really throwing shade about the perceived imperfection) one commenter wrote: "I see the tiger stripes rih". 

The 'Unapologetic' singer was unfazed, replying "I got stretch marks but dats the sun" followed by a laughing face emoji. 

However, the majority of Rihanna's Instagram following is praising her for ignoring out-dated beauty standards, in a world where celebrities use photo editing apps with reckless abandon.  

"If even a goddess of beauty like Rihanna has stretch marks, I'll never feel ashamed of my stretch marks again," one fan commented. 

Another gushed: "You are a real woman. Inspiring so many of us. Grateful".

The frenzy over Rihanna's shockingly normal body may well help her latest business venture, as she's about to launch her new lingerie brand, Fenty x Savage. 

The promotional video for the new brand shows it has a focus on inclusive sizing and body positivity, with a model explaining "I think I feel most sexy... in the morning. Rolls. Stretch marks. Cellulite."