Ryan Reynolds calls Jono and Ben 'idiots' after self-imposed Deadpool 2 trailer torture

Kiwi comedy duo Jono and Ben have gone to punishing lengths to get the attention of Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds - and it's finally paid off.

The Edge Afternoon hosts announced that they would be watching the Deadpool 2 trailer on repeat, ad infinitum, until Reynolds FaceTimed them.

They implored both fans and celebrities like Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi to use the hashtag #FreeJonoAndBen and tweet directly at Reynolds' personal account in order to get him to take notice.

Reynolds eventually got in touch just after 5pm, but not before they had subjected themselves to over 900 back-to-back viewings of the movie's trailer.

"You guys are idiots, what is wrong with you?" Reynolds said.

"You realise that you guys are the architects of your own demise, right? You did this to yourselves. This is a self-inflicted wound."

Despite his busy schedule doing press for Deadpool 2 in Korea, the actor showed real concern for Jono and Ben's welfare.

"Have you had a shower? Have you eaten real food? What's going on?" he implored.

"I think you both need help. Serious help, like clinical help."

Deadpool 2 also features New Zealand's own Julian Dennison, picked up off the back of his role as Ricky in Taika Waititi's critically acclaimed Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

"Hunt For The Wilderpeople is like, one of my favourite films I've ever seen in my entire life. Taika Waititi is, of course, a genius." Reynolds said.

"If I was forced at gunpoint to leave my country forever, it would be New Zealand," he added.

Before signing off, the actor had one final piece of advice for the pair: "Don't ever do this again."

Jono and Ben returns to Three soon.