Ryan Reynolds responds savagely when Warner Bros asks for his Green Lantern ring back

Ryan Reynolds starring in maligned 2011 superhero movie Green Lantern has been the butt of countless jokes over the years, but the latest is particularly brutal.

The actor's latest film Deadpool 2 is opened in cinemas over the weekend and pulled in a whopping US$300 million worldwide.

Green Lantern is mocked in the new film's mid-credits sequence, prompting its studio - Warner Bros - to take to Twitter and respond.

Jokingly, Reynolds was asked to return the supernaturally powerful ring his character used in the film, which in turn triggered his savage rebuttal.

"Sorry [Reynolds], we're going to need the ring back," said the official Warner Bros Home Entertainment account.

"Well, if we'd used a NuvaRing™ in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess," said Reynolds in a reply tweet.

He's referring to a form of contraception - suggesting, via pun, that Warner Bros shouldn't have allowed the Green Lantern film to be "born" at all.

The NuvaRing was popular around the time of Green Lantern's release, but the company has since been accused of hiding negative side effects related to the product, and are in the process of settling about US$100 million worth of civil suits.

The poor critical and box office result of Green Lantern saw Warner Bros cancel plans for a sequel, but the studio's rebooting the franchise in upcoming film Green Lantern Corps.