Stars come out for Breaker Upperers NZ premiere

Breaking up couples for cash?  Too easy for these girls.

Funny girls Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami have been making us giggle since ages ago. Now they have their own movie, The Breaker Upperers, which they wrote, directed and starred in.

It's also the first feature role James Rolleston's taken on since his head injury in a car crash two years ago, and it was clearly the perfect fit for the 20-year-old.

Van Beek and Sami wrote the role of Jordan with Rolleston in mind.

"When he came in and did his audition it just blew us away, and we were like, 'He was destined to play this part'," says Sami.

"We really wanted to see James Rolleston, New Zealand's only movie star."

"He's been in 95 percent of New Zealand feature films," quips Van Beek.

"Since films were made," adds Sami.

Taika Waititi's paw prints are all over this new story. He and his Wilderpeople production team have been involved from the original scripting process, recognising the pair would bring a triple-whammy - writers who would direct their own story as well as star in it.

So what kind of film is The Breaker Upperers?

"Essentially it's kind of like a romance, or what we coined it - a 'womance'," says Sami.

"Like a bromance, but with women."


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