The Breaker Upperers a hilarious Kiwi comedy

Everyone's talking about a new Kiwi comedy that has just hit local cinemas called The Breaker Upperers.

It comes from Funny Girls' Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek. They not only wrote it, but direct and star in it.

I'm going to be honest, when I originally heard the premise for this film I was like, NUP. It just sounded like the kind of silly thing that usually winds me up.

But I can happily confirm after two viewings and counting that The Breaker Upperers may certainly contain frequent outbursts of silliness, but turns out that in fact it IS my kind of silliness after all, served up with lashings of LOLs and laced with a whole lot of heart.

Van Beek and Sami - two of our most talented comediennes - concocted this crazy Kiwi comedy, cooking up a tale of friendship and woe, romance and heartbreak, and ultimately of "womance".

It's a womance between Mel and Jen, their friendship forged in the fiery pits of Women Scorned, running a business together servicing the needs of those who are simply too weak or too uninventive to end their own relationships.

So whom do you call? Yep, The Breaker Upperers.

Along with some classic cameos there is a solid core cast here. In his first feature role since his car crash, James Rolleston showcases some serious comedy chops as the loveable Jordon, and in a small and perfectly formed outing once again Rima Te Wiata kills it as Jen's outrageously funny mother, Shona.

This film is rated M, and surely someone slipped a little something into the Chief Censor's evening glass of sherry, as much of this dark, dirty humour pushes the boundaries in the most excellent of ways!

So yes, like the poster says - hilarious, genuinely laugh-out-loud and even funnier on repeat. LOVED it.