The Naked Magicians talk getting it off

We all have hard days at work, but this was definitely not one of them. 

On Monday a very excited and sweaty entertainment reporter (me) and her long-suffering pal and camera guy (Max) went to meet the Naked Magicians - a comedy/magic/nudity Aussie double-act in town for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Returning to Auckland for the first time since 2015, and presented by Auckland Live and SK Entertainment, Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne will take the stage at the Comedy Chamber at the Auckland Town Hall from May 1-5.  

The tag line on their site is 'good magicians don't need sleeves and great magicians don't need pants'. My tag line should be 'good reporters shouldn't wear black under hot lights and be more professional around shirtless dudes', but never mind. 

The two boys have three promises for Kiwi audiences. 

"We promise it will be one of the funniest comedy shows you'll ever see," Tyler begins.

"We promise it will be one of the most amazing magic shows you'll ever see... and we promise full frontal nudity. You're going to see everything. " 

These guys are not like Jamie 'Naked Chef' Oliver. They get their kit off throughout the show... why? Because it helps with the magic. Or comedy. Or something.  

"We do exactly what it says on the tin," Wayne adds.  

It was around this point in the interview my glasses began fogging up quite heavily,  which was awesome and maintained the impression of the cool, sophisticated, professional investigate journalist I like to give off. 

The pair clearly has a schtick that's as well-rehearsed and slick as their bods, and I fall into it hook, line and sinker. Their background is pure entertainment, with Tyler beginning as a magician on a children's television show. 

"I was on a kid's TV show doing magic for many years - with my clothes on. It's very important to clarify that.

"I'm not welcome back on that show," he adds. 

"It was a weird transition going from kids TV in Australia to this - but you know, the kids used to watch me on TV, now their mums come to the show." 

The two magicians are in town to perform five shows in Auckland, and say Kiwi audiences are particularly fun. 

"The show has a non-stop sexy party, almost rock concert atmosphere, and I think it always ends there - but for Kiwi audiences it takes less time to get to that place. So we're so glad to be back," Tyler says. 

"It's been so long since we've done a show here so hopefully audiences bring their A game. We get audiences at our shows which are very different to those at most other magic show." 

If you're a singleton in the crowd, you might just be in luck. Wayne says he's been on Tinder since he arrived on our shores.  

"I was swiping last night I want to meet a Kiwi girl when I'm here," he says.

"If a woman saw our show and we went on a date afterwards it would be a little weird, but it's also like the first date is out of the way; she knows what I look like naked, she knows her friends like me and she knows I'm funny.

"That's everything you want in a first date." 

Presumptuous? A bit. Arrogant? Most definitely. These boys are drenched in as much self-confidence as I was in perspiration.

But from the one trick that I saw and two bods, it's clear they're brilliant at what they do. 

Tickets to the Naked Magicians shows from Tuesday  Saturday are still available from AucklandLive



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