The Ten Tenors become 11 for NZ tour

Legendary Australian music ensemble the Ten Tenors begin their New Zealand tour in Auckland on Saturday night.

Unlike previous New Zealand performances, the Tenors will be joined by a special female musical guest.

Sophie Morris, 24, only met the group on Thursdsay, and now she's joining them for a month-long musical tour with 20 shows in 16 cities.

"I've never done a nationwide tour, I've never sung with 10 tenors, The TEN Tenors, let alone any 10 tenors."

The Dunedin-born soprano has trained in operatic, classical, and musical theatre, and started singing when she was only young.

"I started singing when I was about age 10, and was cast as Gretel in The Sound of Music in a school show and fell in love with being on the stage," Morris says.

It was just a few months ago when she got the call up to join the legendary Australian ensemble.

The Ten Tenors are thrilled to share the stage.

"You know you're working with a professional when you meet, and five minutes later you sing the song together without a rehearsal and it goes off like a frog in a sock."

A special arrangement of traditional Māori love song 'Pokarekare Ana' is included in the show's line-up. The Tenors only rehearsed it with Morris for the first time on Thursday.

And while it's not the first time the Tenors have performed in New Zealand, the addition of an 11th voice means audiences are in for something extra special.