Zac Franich voted off Dancing with the Stars NZ

Zac Franich is the third contestant to have been voted off Dancing with the Stars NZ.

The star of The Bachelor NZ's third season was the third of 12 contestants to be eliminated, after Real Housewives of Auckland star Gilda Kirkpatrick and former Bachelorette Naz Khanjani.

Franich performed an energetic dance on Sunday night, but it wasn't enough to attract the votes to get him over the line.

"Thank you very much for having me," Franich told viewers.

"We've got to meet some incredible people and just the opportunity to use this platform for some really positive stuff and talk about mental health."

Franich, whose charity was Live More Awesome, said he also was pleased he was given the opportunity to add dancing to his repertoire of skills.

Viewers can help keep their favourite dancer in the competition by texting their first name to 3333 - each text costs 99c and net proceeds go to that star's chosen charity.

The next episode of Dancing with the Stars NZ will air Sunday at 7pm on Three and all episodes can be viewed again on ThreeNow.