Blue Ivy gets hilariously embarrassed over sexy clip of Beyoncé

Blue Ivy gets hilariously embarrassed over sexy clip of Beyoncé
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Blue Ivy is usually a pretty lucky young lady - she's got two musical superstars for parents, and generally wants for nothing.The daughter of hip-hop mogul Jay Z and songstress Beyoncé was even reportedly gifted a US$80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie for her first birthday.

However, at her parents' On The Run II tour last weekend, she had the misfortune of having to watch a sexy clip of her scantily-clad parents - also known as every child's worst nightmare.

The six-year-old's hilarious reaction to the video interlude was captured by a British Ticketmaster employee called Sara Emerson at the concert in London.

Poor Blue, who had previously been captured laughing with her friend, looks on with an expression of horror that only a child who is truly mortified by their parent's actions can muster.

She recoils in disgust, covering her eyes and eventually ducking for cover from the embarrassing images behind a barricade.

It's unclear exactly what triggered the response from Blue, but Twitter users have posted footage that shows the power couple in bed together, as well as Bey dancing for Jay in skimpy lingerie.

With that in mind, Blue's dramatic reaction is actually pretty relatable.

The second instalment of the On The Run Tour includes a raft of home videos as on-stage visuals, including footage of family vacations and even an intimate look at the couple's vow renewal ceremony.


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