Catherine Tate has a crack at the Kiwi accent

  • 08/06/2018

When Brent from west Auckland wrote in to The AM Show, he probably wasn't expecting world-famous comedian Catherine Tate to impersonate him on live television.

But that's exactly what happened on Friday morning ahead of her New Zealand Tour.

"Okay Brent, you're killing me mate," the British impersonator said, holding his letter in her hand.

Brent wrote in to weigh in on the closure of the Western Springs Speedway, the site to be repurposed as a cricket ground.

Tate, understandably, didn't know anything about it - but still gave the Kiwi accent a good crack.

"Crucket can go somewhere else," she said,

"Leave the sprungs to the people who have been going there foruva.

"It's not right to just kuck them out."

She told The AM Show she has no real method for impersonations, often working on the spot.

"I hear that you [New Zealanders] put 'u's in place is 'i's - fush and chups."

Tate will be back to tour Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in November.