Dancing With The Stars NZ: The man responsible for David Seymour's twerking defends himself

As Dancing With The Stars NZ terrifyingly twerks its way to the grand finale, herds of adolescents are demanding to see more of David Seymour.

While many are crying 'murder on the dance floor', Seymour Fever has infected teens and gone viral on social media.

The ACT leader features in thousands of comments, tweets, Instagram posts, hashtags and selfies. There are even David Seymour fan pages on Instagram.

It seems fans are text-voting until their thumbs bleed just to keep him on - even if the judges don't agree he deserves it.

On Wednesday the Spinoff reported he's even won more votes for his dancing than he did in the election.

But in the era of ironic internet humour, are these people genuinely fans of David's dancing, or just fans of car crash TV?

The man responsible for it all is MediaWorks chief content officer Andrew Szusterman.

On Three's The Project, he denied the competition was rigged, saying it's all down to a verified independent audit done each week.

Mr Szusterman said he's fine with the idea that all the Seymour votes are a joke, as it still means money is going to charity.

He says there's no chance the controversial contestant will be kicked off the show, regardless of host Jesse Mulligan's wishes.

Despite the "flaccid twerking", he doesn't believe the politician is undeserving of his spot on the show.

"Obviously he's doing something right because people are putting him through."

Watch the video for the full The Project segment.

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