Dancing With The Stars NZ: Week six twist sees Sam Hayes dance in trio

Newshub Live at 6pm presenter Sam Hayes is competing in Dancing With The Stars NZ and in week six, there's going to be a twist on-stage.

Aaron and I are absolutely stoked to have made it through to week six. Last week's Charleston went better than I ever hoped it could with a total score of 24 - tied second-equal on the leaderboard!

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us. It means the world to us and to our charity NZ Riding for the Disabled. We loved seeing this video of RDA rider Isla reacting to the announcement Aaron and I were safe from elimination. Isla has autism and her Mum says it's so nice to have her so engaged. Aaron and I met Isla at RDA and she's a great wee rider.

This week, we've had a couple of curve balls thrown at us.

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Aaron and I are dancing the Viennese waltz, which I thought was a lovely, slow dance, but curveball number one - it's not - it's super fast!

And curveball number two? This week is trio week on the show, so we're dancing the Viennese waltz with a third person! How does that work exactly? Well I'm still figuring that out.

It's definitely added an element of complexity and there have been many moments where we've had to stop and think through the choreography again to make it work. Sometimes I feel a bit like a ping-pong ball bouncing backwards and forwards between Aaron and our other dancer!

As for our song this week, it's a super emotional, sad song - and I kind of like those ones a bit more to be honest. Hopefully it works in our favour and helps tie the whole dance together.

For now it's back to rehearsal for the three of us - and learning how to dance with two partners instead of just one.

We'll see you on the dancefloor this Sunday and Monday.

Watch the video for a behind-the-scenes look at our Dancing With The Stars rehearsals for the Charleston - and a sneak peek at our upcoming Viennese waltz.