David Seymour puts Dancing With The Stars NZ twerking outfit on Trade Me for $10,000

  • 28/06/2018

David Seymour has put his infamous twerking outfit from Dancing With The Stars NZ on Trade Me with a $10,000 buy-now price.

The ACT party leader, who goes by the user name trade_dave on the auction website, says he's selling the fluoro ensemble to raise more money for his chosen charity.

"Since I failed to make the final of Dancing with the Stars, the fundraising team at Kidsline have told me I have to raise more money," says Seymour.

The potential buyer would score the full outfit worn by Seymour for his merengue dance to 'I Just Wanna Make You Sweat'.

It includes a neon yellow singlet, black bike shorts, pink running shorts - with sequins added by the wardrobe team - sparkly sneakers, and running socks, which will be washed "on request".

"The suit not only brings back Richard Simmons' 1980s in glorious fluoro colour, it allows the flexibility of movement that a true twerk requires," he says of the costume.

David Seymour puts Dancing With The Stars NZ twerking outfit on Trade Me for $10,000
Photo credit: Instagram/Max Key

"Sequins, strategically placed on the waistband, ensure your twerking action, far from unnoticed, will be accentuated to perfection."

The politician made it to the semi-finals before being eliminated, and caused outrage, disdain and delight from audiences with his booty-shaking moves.

Many viewers were upset that Seymour remained for so long in the competition while other dancers with higher scores were sent home.

"This twerk suit is truly powerful. It saw off the nation's adorable mother Suzy Cato," says Seymour. 

"You are potentially purchasing the most powerful power suit in Aotearoa."

Trade_dave has been a member of the auction site since 2004, and boasts a 100 percent positive feedback rating.

He is offering "personal twerking lessons" to the winner, if their bid is deemed high enough. All proceeds (less Trade Me fees, shipping and handling) will go to Kidsline.

The auction is scheduled to close on July 1, and has a starting price of $1000. It can be bought instantly for $10,000.