David Seymour's 'revolting' Dancing With The Stars move sparks questions

Dancing With The Stars NZ audiences were still reeling from David Seymour's attempt at twerking last week when he busted out another booty-based move on Monday night. 

Some eagle-eyed Twitter users are speculating about a moment that went down during the ACT leader's group dance alongside Sam Hayes and Chris Harris.

Kiwi musician Lawrence Arabia took to social media  to question whether Seymour was performing an obscene gesture.

"I believe so," came one reply. "Ewwwww, but did he?" asked another.

One commenter replied with a gif they had created of the offending action, captioned: "In spectacularly revolting fashion…"

In what appears to be a reference to Seymour's suggestive moves from the previous week, the other dancers shake their heads and wag their fingers at the politician - to no avail - as he gestures to his behind.

"The rules of the competition say they give you an outfit, a song and a style of dance," Seymour told Newshub last week in defence of his twerk-heavy routine.

"I think we did a pretty good job of keeping it classy under the circumstances."

Despite his controversial dances, Seymour escaped elimination once again on Monday night, meaning he could well choose to make himself the literal butt of another joke next week.

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