EU trade commissioner ponders NZ participation in Eurovision

A still from an earlier Eurovision Song Contest
A still from an earlier Eurovision Song Contest Photo credit: Supplied

New Zealand has a powerfully ally should we ever want to take part in Eurovision - EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

More than 180 million people watch the annual television broadcast of the 26-country Eurovision Song Contest.

It has launched the careers of acts like ABBA, Celine Dion and Bucks Fizz. It also has an extensive history of performances that are, well, less than mainstream.

Australia has taken part in the event since 2014, and now some are wondering if that could lead to New Zealand taking part too.

Journalist Sam Sachdeva put the question to the trade commissioner herself, pointing out her earlier comments on Australia's inclusion in the contest.

"The big question [Cecilia Malmström] is yet to answer during her NZ trip: is there a spot for us in Eurovision?" he wrote on Twitter.

"She did cite Australia's admission as 'the most important, momentous step' in EU-Oz relations."

Ms Malmström responded a few hours later in support of the idea, saying it should be given some "serious consideration".

Of course there are no serious plans yet or even a front runner for the act, but Twitter user David Clegg has a suggestion for who we should put forward.

"If it's not Alien Weaponry, we're doing it wrong," he said.

Alien Weaponry are a thrash metal band who incorporate Māori language lyrics into their sound. They won the Smokefree Rockquest in 2016, and released their debut album earlier this year.

Ms Malmström is currently in New Zealand to discuss trade relations.