Excuse me, but how did we miss the fact Chris Hemsworth performed on Dancing With The Stars?

Sorry, but stop everything please, because Chris Hemsworth once competed on Dancing With The Stars Australia, and I can't cope.

Way back in 2006, in the peak of his Home and Away fame, Hemsworth took to the dance floor with great enthusiasm during the show's fifth season.

In footage that sits somewhere between 'my wildest dreams' and 'skit from a bad comedy show', the Thor actor can be seen dancing a sultry number with his dance partner Abbey Ross.

Clad in a black singlet and something resembling ballet tights, Hemsworth is fully in character, sashaying around the ballroom to Santana's 'Smooth' with abandon.

Even our own DWTS NZ mean judge Rachel White would have to dish out a strong nine for that hip action.

Despite this, Hemsworth was the sixth to be eliminated from the show - not even close to wrapping his strong, tanned hands around that glitter ball trophy.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 last year, the Aussie actor admitted his dancing foray almost cost him his lead role in Thor.

He recalled Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige's reaction to his stint on the show. "[He said] 'Oh no, Thor dancing? I don't know, the fans are gonna eat us alive.'"

The Hollywood heartthrob has no regrets though. In fact he thinks it did him some good.

"It made me more nimble on my feet, I guess," he told BBC 1.

Luckily, it all worked out, didn't it?

Hemsworth got Thor, and we got this glorious moment in dance history captured on video to watch and re-watch until the end of time.