Grab your Chihuahuas - Reese Witherspoon in talks for Legally Blonde 3

Grab your Chihuahuas - Reese Witherspoon in talks for Legally Blonde 3
Photo credit: MGM

Pop on a pink power suit and some Prada shoes, because the angel that is Reese Witherspoon is set to return as Elle Woods for Legally Blonde 3.

According to Deadline, MGM is about to close a deal which would see the starlet bending and snapping her way back onto our screens, as well as producing the film.

Legally Blonde was released 17 years ago and grossed US$141 million worldwide. The sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, was slightly less well-received by critics and audiences in 2003.

However, Hollywood is currently abuzz with messages of female empowerment, and Elle Woods could be about to make a perfectly-timed, patriarchy-smashing comeback. 

Witherspoon has been a huge proponent of the #MeToo movement, speaking out against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Her role as Elle Woods saw the character go from sorority girl to Harvard law graduate, who then wasted no time shattering glass ceilings in the legal world - all with a perfect pink manicure.

We don't know yet whether the threequel will bring back Selma Blair as Vivian, Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette or Luke Wilson as Emmet.

In all honesty though, we're rather more concerned about the return of Bruiser the Chihuahua - which should be a fairly safe bet, based on his larger role in the second film.