Greta Gerwig to make Little Women adaptation

Greta Gerwig.
Greta Gerwig. Photo credit: Reuters

Greta Gerwig has decided on a follow-up to her directing debut Lady Bird - an adaptation of American novel Little Women.

The director has already confirmed that A-Listers Meryl Streep, Emma Stone and Saoirse Ronan will star in the film.

Gerwig has already worked with actress Saoirse Ronan on her Oscar-nominated film Lady Bird. She has also named Call Me By Your Name's Timothy Chalamet as a possibility for the film, also an Oscar nominee this year.

Little Women is about a group of four sisters and is set during and after the US Civil War. The book takes readers through the aftermath of the war and the sisters' personal, financial and romantic difficulties. 

The book has been adapted many times on stage, TV and film.