How this Kiwi combines his love of hockey with art

Art and field hockey don't usually go together, but a Wellington-based performance artist has combined his two greatest passions to form a unique talent. 

Nineteen-year-old Zakea Page is now taking his skills to the world stage, gearing up to compete at the Performing Arts World Championships in Los Angeles next month.

"I've spent thousands of hours training with my hockey, and I found this was something that not a lot of people could do, because not everyone has the crossover of talent in art and hockey," Mr Page told Newshub.

Coating a ball in ink and dragging it around with his stick, he transforms equipment usually reserved for the turf, into an artist's tools.

"The lines between art and sport is more of a blur. So I was really interested in that blur, I suppose," Mr Page says.

The Massey University Fine Arts student wants people to know about the story of the art's creation, something they don't often see when they look at a finished piece. He wants to use his performance in front of crowds to inspire onlookers to use their potential.

"Why can't a gallery space have as much atmosphere [and] as much energy as a massive concert?"

He says everyone is good at something - and he hopes to inspire them to find what it is.

"I think that's something I would like to express with my art. I can do this, what can you do with your amazing talents? Everyone has fantastic talents, it's just a matter of giving it a go."

Next month he's taking his performance to Los Angeles - as a member of the New Zealand national team of performing arts.

He submitted his performance two months late - but figured it was worth a shot.

"I don't really know where anything's taking me, but I know it's in the right direction."

In LA he'll have just one minute to impress the judges.

"Of course I'm nervous. But it's been my childhood dream to represent New Zealand," Mr Page says.

Mr Page has packed a lot into his 19 years - living in seven countries already as his parents are international schoolteachers.

"As a New Zealander who hasn't been in New Zealand for a long time, it's really quite amazing to come back and represent your country. It's a real privilege," he says.

His next dream - a call-up to the Blacksticks.