Jeremy Corbett donates money to Kiwi woman injured in US after she featured on 7 Days

7 Days host Jeremy Corbett has donated to the GoFundMe page of a Kiwi woman who was severely injured after an accident in the United States.

Claire Nelson was hiking in the Joshua Tree National Park near Palm Springs when she slipped and shattered her pelvis.

At the time, Ms Nelson believed she was going to die. She spent three days stuck between two boulders and endured temperatures up to 35degC.

Once she was rescued her story became international news and was featured on popular comedy show 7 Days. The story was introduced in the segment "Answers", in which panellist Paul Ego lightly joked about the Kiwi habit of downplaying injuries.

"She's a Kiwi right?" he said.

"So you know for the first two days people are probably walking past going, 'Oh my God do you need help?' and she's like, 'Oh, nah, it's fine - I don't want to be a bother. You enjoy your walk.'"

Ms Nelson shared the show's clip on Twitter, joking that host Jeremy Corbett should donate to her GoFundMe page for mocking her while she lay in hospital recovering from a broken pelvis.

"Fair call. Done. Kia Kaha Claire," Corbett responded a few hours later.

Sure enough on Ms Nelson's GoFundMe page there is a donation for $100 from a "Jeremy Corbeyt".

Ms Nelson's GoFundMe page is currently sitting at just under $3000 off her goal and will be used to pay for medical bills and rehabilitation costs.