As it happened: Dancing with the Stars NZ semi-final elimination

One celebrity will be sent home before next week's grand finale.
One celebrity will be sent home before next week's grand finale. Photo credit: Mediaworks

Tonight's the last dance-off before next week's grand finale of Dancing with the Stars NZ.

Five celebrities will become four, but who will be going home tonight? Stick around for our live updates and find out.

8:32pm - End of live updates

That's it for this week! Doesn't it feel like this show has been going for decades! We'll be back with more live updates on Sunday for the finale!

Viewers can help keep their favourite dancer in the competition by texting their first name to 3333 - each text costs 99c and net proceeds go to that star's chosen charity.

DWTS NZ airs Sundays 7pm and Mondays 7.30pm on Three, and all episodes can be viewed again on ThreeNow.

8:28pm - David's farewell

The ACT leader wisely thanks his incredibly patient dance partner Amelia, and then we're treated to a trip down memory lane. 

David's had some stunning outfits in this competition, from his knock-off John Travolta in Grease costume to that deeply plunging v-neck shirt.

There's an inspirational tone to this compilation, and I for one will miss him until he makes another terrible comment about the mentally ill.

8:23pm - Judges' deliberation

Rachel says she was unsure about Shav at the start of the competition, but has turned into a "massive" fan. She says they brought a tear to her eye with their performance tonight. Then she literally thanks David for his participation, and goes on to shade him with so many back-handed half-compliments. I love Rachel. Predictably, she saves Shav.

Julz diplomatically says he's proud of everyone in the competition, and also thanks him for participating, which is just so condescending. Julz says Shav has grown hugely and he loves it, so he saves Shav.

And there we have it - this is officially the end of the road for David Seymour.

8:19pm - NZ Twitter is going to miss David Seymour

8:16pm - David's dance-off dance

Wisely, David won't be repeating last night's routine.

I'll give him one thing: David Seymour keeps that grin on his face even when any other human would be grimacing in humiliation. Maybe it was that winning smile all along that secured him so many votes.

8:14pm - Shav's dance-off dance

This was a genuinely nice routine, so it's quite nice to see it again. And I just can't get enough of Kelly Clarkson's 'Breakaway'.

Even though she must know she's got this in the bag, Shav is still giving it her all. What a pro. I can't believe she's been in three dance-offs and David's only been in this one.

8:13pm - Sam's tango

If you'd like to relive 20 minutes ago, here's Sam Hayes' tantalising tango.

8:11pm - NZ Twitter prepares to finally bid David adieu

8:07pm - And the first couple safe is...

...Chris and Vanessa! They look stoked.

Next safe couple is...Jess and Jonny! God they're stretching these pauses out.

Third safe couple is...Sam and Aaron!

That means it's Shav and Enrique vs David and Amelia in the dance-off. I don't know about you, but I have a feeling about who might win this. 

8:03pm - Elimination time

This part's always nerve-wracking, isn't it? Must be terrifying to have to actually stand there on the stage.

But first it's time for a flashback review of the five remaining stars! Camilla (looking amazing in an oversized pink blazer) throws some incredible shade by reminding everyone that Jess' lowest score was David's highest.

Sam gets some glowing praise, as does Chris. She says Shav is a great performer, always compelling to watch. 

8:00pm - Move of the week goes to...

...Shav and Enrique, for what sounded like a "freckle". Very nice, whatever it was.

7:58pm - NZ Twitter appreciates Amelia's hard work

7:56pm - Judges' scores

For David, this is a very impressive score. It is also the number of the Devil. 

Rachel White: 6

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 6

Julz Tocker: 6

Total: 18

7:53pm - Judges' feedback

Julz likens David to a lucky dip - "We never know what we're going to get." He says ballroom is his forte, and praises him for doing what he's told.

Rachel thanks him for a much better dance than last night, but the routine was pretty basic.

Camilla clarifies that it was a simple dance, but credits David for mastering those easy, easy steps. 

7:50pm - David's dance

In a truly bizarre choice, David will be doing a quickstep to Meghan Trainor's 'Title', which is the last song I would ever have expected him to choose.

His most memorable year was 2014, when he came back from Canada and did some good campaigning, allegedly.

In quite the change from last night's Britpop fashion, David's looking sombre in all black. His steps are uncertain and his arms are wide.

Seeing David Seymour grin into the camera while the phrase 'You might never get the chance to see me naked in your bed' blares loudly makes the entire season worth it, in my opinion.

7:47pm - NZ Twitter thinks Sam deserved 10s

7:44pm - Judges' scores

A great score for Sam's tango, an improvement on last night.

Rachel White: 9

Camilla Sacre-Dallerup: 9

Julz Tocker: 9

Total: 27

7:40pm - Judges' feedback

After an emotional hug with her dad in the audience, Camilla has some glowing praise for Sam, saying she loved the steamy routine.

Julz says she should be in the finale based on that performance alone, and compliments Aaron's "amazing" choreography.

Rachel loved the leglines and lifts, but says the left line was lacking, which I'm sure makes sense to some people. 

7:37pm - Sam's dance

Sam Hayes' most memorable year was 2015, when her dad recovered from bowel cancer. She tears up while talking about the difficult time, including a trip to South America her dad encouraged her to take.

Tonight she'll be dancing the Argentine tango, which Aaron thinks will be right up her alley. She's excited about finally getting to perform a tango, and her dad has flown up to be in the audience.

The dance kicks off with an impressive move where a fierce-looking Sam hooks herself around Aaron's legs while he walks down the stairs.

It's a commanding performance, including an impressive backwards high-kick (possibly not the real name for that move). A very twisty dance, this one. 

7:33pm - Opening number

A classic group number to 'Everybody Dance Now', and David Seymour is still in that wig!