Mai FM attempts 25,000 basketball free throws for World Vision

Dani and Fame from Mai FM's Home Run are attempting to net 25,000 basketball free throws in 40 hours to raise money for World Vision.

The radio hosts are doing their bit for this year's 40 Hour Famine, but instead of going hungry, they're pushing their bodies to the limit - shooting hoops for nearly two whole days straight.

The attempt kicked off at 1.30am on Thursday morning at Auckland University, and despite Fame missing the very first shot, the numbers quickly racked up.

By 2am, they were nearly 500 throws in - but Dani was already feeling the physical strain.

"I'm tired. I was only going for about 20 minutes, and I've got a sweat," she said. 

They cracked the 2200 mark just before 5am, but Fame was considering throwing in the towel.

"I'm tired, I'm done, I'm pretty much done right now," he said. 

At 6am, the team appeared in better spirits after having completed 4000 free throws; but they were still looking down the barrel of another 35 and a half hours to go.

The duo will continue their mission in Auckland today before heading to Christchurch's Action Indoor Sports to finish the 40 hour marathon.

They're enlisting the help of listeners and a few famous faces to come and shoot some hoops and raise funds for World Vision's work with children in South Sudan.

Donations can be made here