Ozzy Osbourne no longer drinks, instead prefers hot cocoa and a bath

At the start of his music career, a young Ozzy Osborne probably wouldn't have expected to live to 70, let alone still be performing.

But at 69 he's in the middle of his last world tour, ITV News reports

He's had a wakeup call since the death of his friend, Motorhead frontman Lemmy, and now gets regular health checks.

"I work out nearly every day," he told ITV News. "I haven't had a drink for five years."

What he is partial to is hot cocoa and a hot bath, a far cry from his rock and roll days as the front man of Black Sabbath.

His current tour will be the last one so he can more time with his wife Sharon, the couple's three children and all the grandkids.

There's still going to be the odd one-off concert though and he admits he would love to play at opening ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in his home city of Birmingham.

Before then he's got plenty to do, finishing the world tour, receiving the lifetime achievement award at Metal Hammer's Golden God awards on Monday and celebrating his 70th birthday in December.

There's going to be a party, but for Osbourne there will be one key difference between him and his family.

"They'll all be drunk," he told ITV News. "I'll be on the lemonade."