Queer Eye's Fab 5 are in Australia and - get this - they're going to a town called Yass

The cast of Netflix's Queer Eye
Photo credit: Netflix

The stars of Netflix's Queer Eye have landed in Australia's capital of Canberra, but they've set their sights on a nearby town called Yass. Can you believe?!

Yass is both a famous catchphrase used by the hit show's Fab 5, and a NSW country town with a population of less than 17,000.

Presumably due to some clever planning by their publicity team, it appears the boys could be performing a miracle makeover in the small Aussie town, according to the Canberra Times.

Of course, it stands to reason they'll be using their trademark expressions - "Yas, honey!" along the way.

Yass Valley Tourism, determined not to miss an opportunity, erected a billboard featuring the cast - Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karomo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness and Bobby Berk.

The sign reads: "Thanks for visiting Yass," and advertises the show's second season, off the back of a hugely successful debut. 

The beloved gay icons have been thoroughly enjoying their Australian adventures, if their Instagram posts are anything to go by.

Grooming guru Jonothan Van Ness posted a picture with a female police officer, captioned: "I stan a lady police officer and a country with sensible gun control!"

While one lucky Yass local might be learning how to "spray, delay and walk away" when applying cologne, New Zealand fans will have to wait for the Fab 5 to make their way to Aotearoa. 


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